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Fresh Simmering Granules

Fresh Simmering Granules

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Our new simmering granules are a fun and mess free way to have your house smelling amazing! 

Simmering Granules work similar to wax melts, they are really easy to use, you simply spoon some of the granules into your wax burner sit back and relax while your home fills with amazing scents! When the scent is gone you simply pour them in the bin wipe and put fresh ones in. 

These are all in Laundry dupe scents 


Bliss - Similar in scent to the bliss laundry beads. this scent is an exotic blend of red berries and cherries, fine-tuned with a bouquet of white jasmine & smells that can come from powdery sweet peach.

Dreams - Similar in scent to the the dreams laundry beads. A combination of scents bursting with Jasmin & Gourmand vanilla.

Spring - Similar in scent to the the spring laundry beads. A combination of fresh & floral notes enhanced by lily, orange & rose


More scents coming soon! 

Similar in Style and Identity to the popular Laundry brand. We are in no way affiliated with the designer fragrance company.

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